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Grace wants answers from Charlie!

Grace takes young Charlie to her flat to get answers but the Gloved Hand is right behind her… Meanwhile, Jason finds Robbie with the laptop, but when he tries to take it back, the laptop ends up in the river. They're both unaware that the identity of the Gloved Hand Killer is on Dr S'Avage’s CCTV footage. Robbie asks Holly why she kept that video…

When Lisa lies that she was the one having her photo taken by Shaun, Theresa is grateful, but now has to fix things between Lisa and furious Zack. When Zack threatens to tell Simone what Lisa did, Theresa's forced to tell him the truth. Zack's angry but more upset that Theresa felt she couldn’t ask him for help. Lisa is jealous of their closeness.

When Tony prompts Harry to make a decision about his future once and for all, Harry officially comes out as gay and tells his dad he's in love with Ste. Harry rushes to find Ste but he seems disinterested, something John Paul notices. Ste tells John Paul his CD4 count is low and he needs to go on medication. John Paul urges Ste to confide in Harry, if he wants a proper relationship with him. Later, John Paul's worried Ste isn't taking his recent results seriously and goes to find Tony.


Victoria Wilson
Victoria Wilson

With over 20 years’ experience writing about TV and film, Vicky currently writes features for What’s on TV, TV Times, TV & Satellite Week magazines plus news and watching guides for, a job which involves chatting to a whole host of famous faces. Our Vicky LOVES light entertainment, with Strictly Come Dancing, Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice UK among her fave shows. Basically, if it’s got a shiny floor, she’s all over it! When she’s not watching TV, you might find Vicky in therapy… retail therapy that is!