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Hannah's rushed to hospital!

Hannah is lying motionless on the ground, and Chris rushes her to hospital. Leah, Evelyn and Oscar go to the hospital and Hannah explains that she fell chasing after Chris. Later, Chris walks into the room but, when Hannah starts talking about her feelings, he abruptly leaves.

Maddy and Oscar leave the hospital and go to their university party. When they arrive, Matt and Maddy are still arguing, so Evelyn explodes and tells them to put a sock in it. Later, Evelyn finds Josh alone and the pair shares a passionate kiss.

The next day, Chris is sulking at home and Nate demands that he either fights for Hannah or snaps out of this mood. Chris takes Nate's advice and surprises Hannah at the hospital, where the pair kiss and make up. 

At work, Dylan tries to explain why he abused Kat when they were together, but she is not interested in his explanation. She focuses on the case and finds out the last person Charlotte called before her death was Kyle.