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Harold crashes into the Erinsborough Festival!

The opening day of the inaugural Erinsborough Festival has arrived and Nate and Karl compete in a quiz to determine Erinsborough's Greatest Expert. Event manager Naomi deftly works to solve the inevitable mishaps that arise – but little does she know, the biggest disaster is yet to come! Harold is driving the motorhome and experiences intense visions about Madge, causing him to crash into the marquee. Dazed, he looks across at the passenger seat and sees Madge!

Unaware of the Brennan brothers' posturing over Paige, Naomi confesses to Sheila that she's been seeing Mark and doesn't want anything to ruin it.

Chris is thrilled when Lucas and Vanessa return with their second child, Sebastiana. Lucas, however, realises that Nate is not as enthusiastic about having a family.

Nick tells Paul that his campaign to break Daniel and Amber up is all-wrong. Paul takes his advice, offering up a generous gift, leaving the couple vulnerable to Paul's devious plans.