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Harry's Heroes: The Full English

Can Harry Redknapp get a team of football legends match fit in Harry's Heroes: The Full English

Can Harry Redknapp get a team of football legends match fit in Harry's Heroes: The Full English?

When Paul Merson and Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock were Premier League footballers during the 1990s, morning training sessions would often be followed by an afternoon in the pub – but lots has changed since they hung up their boots.

In this two-part series, Harry Redknapp manages a team of former England internationals as they prepare for a grudge match against Germany, and getting them fit for kick-off will be no mean feat.

The players can’t wait to get back in the changing room to reminisce, yet for those who’ve piled on the pounds since retiring, the nostalgia comes with a serious health message…

Concludes tomorrow (9pm).

TV Times rating:*****

harrys heroes: The Full English

Harry's team including Robbie Fowler, John Barnes, Chris Waddle, Matt Le Tissier, David Seaman and Paul Merson

Here Harry, 72, tells us why he’s proud to be back on the pitch…

Did you enjoy getting into the dugout again as a manager?

I loved it as they’re smashing lads, but some of them had let themselves go a bit.

We had a warm-up match at the start against a team of 15 year olds and I had to finish it early – I was so worried about them!

It’s easy to put weight on during middle age, though, isn’t it?

When these boys were at the peak of their powers, going to the pub after training was the norm, but you can’t get away with it after you retire.

So it’s important for middle-aged people to stay active.

What were the highlights?

It was funny when Razor split his shorts and I enjoyed the training camp in Spain.

Matt Le Tissier has lost around 10 kilos, but they all did well – though I think Razor actually put weight on!



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