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Has Clifford scuppered Mo's chance at love?

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Mo's back on Darwin this week following her trip to Chicago, and consultant obstetrician Mr Thompson's one man who's delighted to see her. Porter Clifford is also pleased his daughter is back – but as Mo introduces Mr T to Clifford formally, Clifford seems unimpressed with the man trying to win Mo's affections. Clifford wastes no time dropping not-so-subtle hints to Mr T that he's not the one for Mo and that she needs an Alpha male, leaving an insecure Mr T wondering if he's right.

However, when Mr T suspects Clifford of trying to scupper his 'Welcome Home' party by making his own plans with Mo, he finally gives him a piece of his mind. Later, when Mr T goes to kiss Mo and Clifford calls her away, Mr T knows that if he wants the girl, he'll have to deal with her dad…

Meanwhile, Arthur is surprised by the arrival of Morven, the new F1 on AAU. At first he's proud to be assigned as her mentor but, as this quickly loses its shine, he wonders if he's ready for the responsibility.

Also, Dominic's day is thrown into turmoil by the arrival of an unexpected face from his past. Despite his best efforts, this force of nature will not be contained…