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Has Kat lost her baby?

Novak puts Kat and her unborn baby in danger...

Robbo tells Kat that he will give her his full support in whatever decision she makes about their baby. As the pair talk, Kat gets a call from work; Novak has resurfaced and the police force know his whereabouts. Kat gets ready to join her colleagues as they make their way to arrest Novak, but Robbo protests and insists on going with her.

Kat tells Robbo to back off and races to Novak's location. McCarthy is stunned to find Kat at the scene and tells her to go home. Kat refuses and ends up coming face to face with Novak who punches her in the stomach. Has Kat lost her baby? Determined to confront Novak, Robbo eventually tracks him down - but will he soon regret his decision?

Olivia is ecstatic that The Find want to buy one of her designs. Olivia explains to Hunter and Irene that this is a brilliant opportunity and that they will fly her to their head offices in Melbourne. After looking over the contract, however, Hunter is unsure if the contract works in Olivia's favour. Could he be right?

Also, it's Maggie and Ben's anniversary and Diana goes out of her way to belittle and provoke Ben. She starts by buying Maggie the present Ben wanted to get her. Diana then remarks that she had to buy Maggie's engagement ring and then organises a family dinner for everyone. Will Diana push Ben too far?