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Kate is shot!

Brennan's preparing to propose to Kate. However, when a fly lands in Kate's champagne, she tosses the drink out... along with the engagement ring! He then asks her to meet him at the Lassiters Lake bridge later. Georgia gives Kate a birthday present, she's finally ready to rebuild their friendship. Later, Kate asks Paul to accept her relationship with Brennan. Paul grudgingly agrees, and Kate's not sure the day can get any better until she meets Brennan as arranged on the bridge. Brennan proposes and an excited Kate says yes. It seems like everything's going Kate's way until a mystery shot rings out and Kate suddenly goes limp in Brennan's arms.

Naomi gets in touch with the Chilean mine company, to offer Toadie's services on a long term basis, but her real aim is to land a percentage of the profits for herself. Sonya's against Toadie taking the job, but by pulling some strings, Naomi gets what she wants, leaving Sheila. Annoyed with her daughter

Chris believes he's seen Stephen Montague. Brennan is also paid a surprise visit by his ex-girlfriend, Sienna and then receives a threatening text message. Later, when Chris spots Montague again, he takes chase but is attacked and left unconscious.

Zeke arrives in town and tells Kate that he's got some news about his relationship for the Kennedys.