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Why is Heston avoiding Ruhma?

(Image credit: BBC)

What is Heston trying to hide?

Ruhma has taken the day off to spend some quality time with Heston. However, Heston has other plans, as he is determined to get to the bottom of the Viper epidemic, which is causing harm to people in the community. First, Heston plans to meet with the local NHS clinical commissioning group and then take the batch of Viper he has in his possession to a lab. Next, Heston plans to track down the main supplier - but will Heston's efforts do good or do more harm?

Things couldn't be better between Ben and Will. However, when Ben starts to act a little cagey about his plans in the afternoon, Will decides to surprise him. Yet, Will's good intention cause heartbreak as he meets Ben's mother and she doesn't know he's gay…