Will Heston keep Shak's secret?

(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Will Heston be loyal to Ruhma or Shak?

Heston bumps into Shak, who has his hands full with shopping bags. As Heston tries to talk to  his stepson, Shak acts cagey and refuses a lift home. Heston's worried that Shak has something on his mind and confronts him later at home. Shak makes a huge confession concerning the money that Ruhma gave him, putting Heston in a difficult position. Will Hetson cover for Shak or tell Ruhma the truth?

Meanwhile, Zara's at home when there's a knock on the door. It's DI Stanton. Zara lets him in and before she knows it, he's asking her a barrage of questions and she feels like she's under attack. DI Stanton finally eases up and says he was just testing her to make sure she'll be to withstand the pressure in court. Zara tells Stanton she will do whatever it takes to catch Reece's killer. Elsewhere, a stranger slips a note into Joe's school bag…

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