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Hollyoaks spoilers! A drunk Luke humiliates his son Ollie

A sozzled Luke makes a scene infront of son Olly and his team-mates...

Luke’s drinking is getting out of hand and he embarrasses his son Ollie by making a scene of himself.

The sozzled dad turns up as Ollie is about to get on a minibus for an away footie match. Wobbly on his feet and slurring, Luke attempts to clamber into the vehicle brandishing a bunch of bananas but falls and goes flying leaving poor Ollie mortified.

Elsewhere, bulimic Cleo is upset when Joel reveals that Sienna kissed him. She continues to secretly binge eat but Joel learns the truth when he discovers her coat pockets are crammed full of chocolates and sweets.

Plus Harley and Peri get dressed up in usherette outfits to begin work at Damon and Brody’s pop-up cinema but Harley isn’t happy about the new job.

Meanwhile Louis gets some exciting news when a friend calls to offer him a summer teaching job in Hong Kong.

Will Louis grasp the opportunity of a new adventure?