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Hollyoaks Spoilers! Can homeless Harley lead Leela to daughter Peri?

Leela meets a girl called Harley who says she knows where Peri is

Homeless teen Harley tells Leela that Peri has been sleeping on the streets and she knows where she can find her but as she starts quizzing Leela about the £5000 reward money, Louis starts to become increasingly suspicious. Does Harley really know Peri’s whereabouts or has she just got her eye on the cash reward?

Elsewhere Olly tells Mandy he thinks Luke is drinking again and Mandy’s worst fears are confirmed when she smells booze on her hubby’s breath.

A horrified Luke is adamant he hasn’t touched a drop and is furious when Mandy doesn’t believe him. Meanwhile a plotting Olly rings his mum, Scarlett, and tells her that with Luke and Mandy at eachother’s throats, now is the best time for her to try and win Luke back. Will his plan to reunite his mum and dad work?