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Hollyoaks spoilers! Misbah battles an injury which has devastating consequences

Misbah- hollyoaks

Misbah's vision becomes badly affected as she battles a new injury

Misbah is struggling with a new injury which is affecting her vision. Sami is really worried that she’s unable to see clearly but Misbah, still keen to protect Imran, refuses to reveal how she came to be in such a state.

Later on Sami has some stern words for Imran and tells him he’s got to start behaving himself for the sake of their mother’s health but is it too late? With her failing sight is doctor Misbah about to put a patient's life at risk?

Elsewhere Kyle starts keeping a video diary as evidence to build up against James. However he’s sent into a spin when Nancy suddenly shows up, mid-recording and wants to know what he’s up to. How will Kyle explain himself?

Plus Harry continues to try and win over Ste but later has a change of heart and thinks maybe they should split up for good.

Ste finds himself put on the spot when Harry asks him to make a huge decision. What exactly does he want him to do?