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Hollyoaks Spoilers! Myra’s reeling to discover Cleo has been kicked out of university

Sally and Myra confess their love for each other. Is the future rosy?

Cleo is busted when Myra discovers exactly what's been going on

Myra is fuming when she learns that Cleo has been booted out of university and is even more angry when she realises it’s all to do with her feelings towards Joel and their complex relationship.  She tries to make her niece see sense but will Cleo be persuaded to return to her studies?

Elsewhere, homeless teen Harley, who says she knows where Peri is, has temporarily moved in with Leela and Louis although Louis is becoming increasingly convinced that Harley is leading them on.

It seems he could be right when Harley suddenly makes off with Leela’s purse! Will Louis catch her and will Harley finally be forced to tell the truth about exactly what she knows?