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Hollyoaks spoilers: Peri and Tom enjoy spending time together…but someone’s not happy about it


Peri and Tom are getting on well looking after their daughter, Stef, but Harley can't help feeling left out and jealous

Tom Cunningham, (Ellis Hollins), has invited Peri Lomax, (Ruby O'Donnell), to spend more time with their daughter Steph and things are going from strength to strength as the little trio enjoy spending time together.

However, all is far from well with Harley. Peri is shocked when her girlfriend announces she’s quit Hollyoaks High and resentments later bubble to the surface when Harley, (Mollie Lambert), confesses that she’s jealous of Peri’s relationship with Tom and Steph.


The pair end up arguing and later on Peri tells Tom about it. However he’s quick to come up with a suggestion and says from now on they should include Harley with Steph’s playdates too. Will his plan work out? Or will that still not be enough for jealous Harley?

Elsewhere, Mercedes McQueen, (Jennifer Metcalfe), is suspicious when she receives earrings from her fiance Russ Owen, (Stuart Manning), and not the necklace she was expecting. She quizzes him about what’s happened to the necklace, and a flustered Russ, who was blackmailed into giving the necklace to Goldie, (Chelsee Healey),  scrabbles to concoct a cover story.

Goldie asks Jesse to choose her over Courtney. Who does his heart belong to?

Later on he races round to try and retrieve the necklace from Goldie (above), but he’s alarmed when Mercedes suddenly walks in and demands answers.

Meanwhile Jack Osborne, who fancies Breda McQueen, asks her to look after Charlie who’s off school in order to spend more time with her. Will his plan to woo Breda work out?

Plus Sinead O'Connor, (Stephanie Davis), sets up a meeting with her husband Laurie at Hollyoaks High with headmistress, Sally. Will Sally consider hiring Laurie or will his dodgy past come back to haunt him?

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4