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Hollyoaks spoilers! Tony and Diane get some shattering news about Dee Dee

dee dee hutchinson hollyoaks

The worried parents are devastated when the medics break some upsetting news about Dee Dee

Tony and Diane are devastated when their daughter Dee Dee is diagnosed with encephalitis, (inflammation and swelling of the brain), and is not responding well to treatment.

Is Dee Dee going to pull through or is there more heartache in store for the worried parents?

Meanwhile, having learnt that Imran has been bunking off school, mum Misbah is furious and things get even more tense when a welfare officer pays her a visit and puts her on the spot by asking if there has been any violence at home. Will Misbah cover for her son?

Plus Harry turns to James for help but some news from DS Roxy throws a new spanner in the works.