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Home and Away spoilers: Scandal! Colby's secret past is exposed

Policeman Colby's career is jeopardised when the truth about his past as a member of the River Boys surf gang is exposed by the local newspaper...

It's all been a bit awkward between lovers Colby Thorne and Jasmine Delaney since their bust-up. But realising Summer Bay is a small town and they are going to keep crossing paths, the policeman and hospital nurse reach an agreement to remain just good friends. Phew!

Colby and Jasmine join new couple Willow Harris and Dean Thompson for some fun times. But the next morning, Colby faces more than a hangover when he discovers his secret past as a member of the River Boys surf gang has made the front page of the local newspaper...

Meanwhile, after catching teenagers Raffy Morrison and Ty Anderson kissing, Raffy's brother Justin Morgan and Ty's foster dad John Palmer are determined to keep the pair apart. However, it looks like young love is blossoming and it is not long before Raffy and Ty sneak out for a secret moonlit kiss!

And Ryder Jackson is in the bad books when his granddad Alf Stewart discovers the teenager is responsible for uploading the video footage of Leah Patterson without her permission. Ryder doesn't think he has done anything wrong except attract even more attention to Leah's new website. But will Leah agree when she discovers what Ryder has done?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5