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Home and Away spoilers: Ebony crashes Colby and Jasmine's date night

Ebony's out for revenge on policeman Colby who shot her brother Boyd dead. Will she manage to wreck his relationship with Jasmine?

As Ebony Easton's revenge plan continues to pick-up speed, the shady lady is confident she has made a friend in policeman Colby Thorne, after spinning her fake sob story about her "policeman" brother who passed away.

So when she discovers Colby and his sort-of girlfriend Jasmine Delaney are going along to a gig at Salt that evening, evil Ebony gets all dressed-up and "accidentally" turns up too! Of course Ebony is already starting to get on Jasmine's nerves the way she always seems to be flirting with Colby. But since Colby and Jasmine are not technically an "official" couple, Colby is still a free man, right? How complicated!

Meanwhile at the hospital, the prognosis is not good for Maggie Astoni, as her weakened body attempts to fight the pneumonia. As her worried husband Ben and daughters Ziggy and Coco keep an anxious vigil by her bedside they are devastated when Dr Tori Morgan tells the family they may soon have to put Maggie into an induced coma and on a life support machine...

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5