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Home and Away spoilers: Watch out! Ebony makes a move on Colby

Ebony and Colby chink glasses

Ebony digs up details about Colby's past and uses them in her plan to reel in the unsuspecting policeman and avenge her brother Boyd's death

Now she's put the squeeze on Justin, scheming Ebony sets her sights on her next victim: Colby.

Ebony especially wants to get even with the policeman who fatally shot her brother, Boyd. So after doing some sneaky eavesdropping and snooping through some police files, Ebony discovers the truth about Colby's missing sister, Bella and decides to use his sad story to her advantage.

As she starts her first shift as a waitress at Salt, Ebony seizes her chance to have a drink with Colby and starts to spin a lie about the policeman brother she had who died. Will Ebony manage to reel Colby in with her fake sob story?

Elsewhere, there's more bad news for the Astoni family when Maggie discovers a chest infection has turned into pneumonia. Has Maggie the strength to fight the infection and the cancer? As Maggie's health deteriorates, hubby Ben begins to face his fear Maggie could die...

Catch Home and Away from Monday 11th June at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5