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Home and Away spoilers: Maggie Astoni forgives her mum Diana Walford

Home and Away, Maggie Astoni, Diana Walford

Maggie and her mum Diana are reunited at the hospital after their falling-out and Maggie shares the good news about the new donor

Despite the good news another stem cell donor has been found, Maggie is still feeling down-in-the-dumps after the big bust-up with her mum Diana.

Ben doesn't want to see his wife Maggie upset any further, so puts his foot down and demands stubborn Diana visit Maggie in the hospital so the pair can make amends. When Diana does visit, Maggie discovers her mum never received the heartfelt letter she wrote. But the two women are able to put their disagreement aside to concentrate on Maggie's cancer treatment.

Meanwhile, after discovering the truth about his ex-girlfriend Willow's gambling addiction, Justin attempts to stage an intervention to stop her placing any more online bets. However, when the ex-lovers get into a massive row, Justin is shocked when Willow reveals she started gambling to get over their break-up. Is Justin to blame for Willow's downfall?

Hunter is determined to prove he's got what it takes for the internship with the professional basketball team and gets down to some serious fitness training with his university lecturer Christina. But while training together at the gym, Christina suggestively touches Hunter's thigh! Is Christina trying to make a move on Hunter?

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