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Home and Away spoilers: Marilyn and John fear Ty wants to leave them

Home and Away, Marilyn Chambers, John Palmer, Raffy Morrison

Following the phonecall from Catherine at the foster agency, Marilyn and John are afraid foster son Ty will leave them now he has turned 16

Following a mystery phonecall from Catherine at the foster agency, Marilyn and John remain convinced it is about Ty leaving them, now he has had his 16th birthday. Unsure how to tackle the issue with Ty, Marilyn and John assure their foster son they will support him what ever he decides to do. Unfortunately, Ty takes the talk in the wrong way and thinks his foster parents are encouraging him to leave!

When Ty downloads to foster sister Raffy, she is shocked by the news Marilyn and John are trying to get rid of Ty and confronts the couple. But Raffy, Marilyn and John soon realise there's been a big misunderstanding. But is it too late to make Ty know he is still very much wanted in Summer Bay?

Elsewhere, Irene and Olivia are still wondering whether housemate Jasmine still has the hots for Colby or is the romance truly over? Jasmine insists they are now in the friend zone but does Colby feel differently about the situation? Jasmine decides to pluck up the courage and confront Colby on the matter. But how will he react?

And after their fun times together at Ty's 16th birthday beach party, it looks like Ryder and Coco are officially back together. There's just one problem, how is cash-strapped Ryder going to show his girlfriend a good time on their first date?

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