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Home and Away spoilers: Ryder Jackson and Raffy Morrison kiss!

Home and Away, Ryder Jackson, Raffy Morrison

Raffy turns to friend Ryder for help in completing her first big Year 12 assignment. While out celebrating, Ryder kisses Raffy!

It's been a challenging start to Year 12 for Raffy Morrison. The teenager has been struggling to come to terms with her epilepsy diagnosis which hasn't been helped by the school bullies.

Luckily, Raffy's good friend Ryder Jackson has been by her side throughout. So with their other friend Coco Astoni temporarily away on a student exchange, a stressed-out Raffy turns to Ryder for help in completing a big Year 12 assignment.

With the awkward tension of their recent almost-kiss behind them, Raffy and Ryder work together and her assignment is a success. But, in the heat of the moment, Ryder decides to kiss Raffy for real! How will she react?

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan, Simone Bedford, Brody Morgan

Three's a crowd for Ziggy, Brody and Simone (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Ziggy Morgan is convinced Simone Bedford has her sights set on Ziggy's chef husband Brody, after she caught the pair taking a cute selfie together on Simone's phone. But will Ziggy's plan to play Cupid between Simone and Brody's brother Mason finally push Simone out of the picture?

Home and Away, Roo Stewart, Maggie Astoni

Roo gets bad news from Maggie about the teacher exchange (Picture: Channel 5)

And Roo Stewart is excited at the offer of a three-month teacher exchange in a remote community. However, she's brought crashing back down to earth when Summer Bay High's principal Maggie Astoni informs Roo there's no way she can leave this early in the new school year.

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