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Home and Away spoilers: Summer Bay celebrates Robbo running the gym

Home and Away, Tori Morgan, Robbo, Colby Thorne, Alf Stewart, Marilyn Chambers

Despite complaints from grouchy John about Robbo's management skills, the locals help celebrate Robbo's first day on the job

After signing on the dotted line to become the new owner of the Surf Club gym, Robbo is back from a visit to the city and ready for his first day on the job. However, fellow Surf Club worker John Palmer is less-than-impressed with Robbo's management skills. He hasn't even stuck-up an 'Under New Management' sign and doesn't seem to be doing anything to try and attract new gym members.

But as John continues to grumble about Robbo, his wife Marilyn Chambers has a different approach. With the help of their friends, Marilyn shows up to the gym where Robbo is presented with a special plaque to celebrate his new role in the community. Can Robbo make a success of the gym and prove John wrong?

Meanwhile, there's an emergency hospital dash for Mason Morgan and his pregnant girlfriend Dempsey after she starts to bleed. Is Dempsey about to have a miscarriage? Mason is left reeling when events spiral out of control and Dempsey makes a shock announcement...

Elsewhere, after deciding she's going to find a private sperm donor so she can continue with her plans to have a baby, Tori settles on the perfect candidate: Robbo. Bur first she needs to find a way to ask him the awkward question...

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5