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Home and Away spoilers: Has Susie McAllister been caught out?

Home and Away spoilers, John Palmer, Justin Morgan, Leah Patterson, Susie McAllister
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Has conwoman Susie McAllister finally been rumbled on Home and Away? Justin and Leah demand answers from the sneaky estate agent!

Justin Morgan (played by James Stewart) and Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou) demand answers from Susie McAllister (Bridie Carter) on Home and Away!

The couple have just discovered they are not the owners of their dream home after all.

On today's episode (1:15pm/6:00pm on Channel 5, see our TV Guide for full listings), Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) reveals her suspicions about estate agent, Susie.

Irene tells Justin and Leah how Susie threatened her.

She reckons Susie is out to con them.

Justin and Leah storm around to the Palmer house to confront Susie about what has happened to their money and dream home.

Will Susie be able to talk her way out of trouble?

Or is her luck about to run out?

Home and Away spoilers, Susie McAllister

Irene and Willow make a startling online discovery about Susie McAllister on Home and Away...

Irene and Willow Harris (Sarah Roberts) do their own detective work.

The ladies are SHOCKED to discover "Susie McAllister" may be a fake name and she has different aliases...

Home and Away spoilers, Ari Parata

Ari gets an unexpected visitor on Home and Away

Meanwhile, Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams) is still recovering in hospital after the hit-and-run.

He is surprised to get a visit from his ex, Mia Anderson (Anna Samson).

The last time Ari and Mia had words, she was about to pack her bags and leave Summer Bay!

But Ari's close brush with death has made Mia realise she can't stop caring about him.

Does this mean Mia is ready to give their past relationship another chance?

Home and Away spoilers, Willow Harris, Bella Nixon

Bella wants answers from Willow on Home and Away

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Willow is put on the spot when Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller) demands answers.

Bella wants to know how Willow came to testify against Bella's brother, Colby Thorne in court.

When Willow explains why she did what she did, will Bella finally agree to put the past to rest and be friends again?

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