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Home and Away spoilers: Will Tori Morgan survive the hospital move?

Home and Away, Tori Morgan, Justin Morgan, Mason Morgan

Things get heated between Justin and Robbo on Home and Away when the two men disagree over the plans to transfer Tori from the city back to Summer Bay...

Justin Morgan (played by James Stewart) is hopeful for his sister Tori's (Penny McNamee) recovery from a coma now she is being transferred from the city to the local hospital in Summer Bay on Home and Away (1:15pm/6:00pm on Channel 5, see our TV Guide for full listings).

However, there are others in the Bay, including Justin's brother Mason (Orpheus Pledger) and Robbo (Jake Ryan), father of Tori's baby Grace, who are worried the move could prove too much for someone in such a fragile state.

After Robbo's nurse wife Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) says she is surprised the hospital specialists agreed to the transfer, Robbo demands further information from Justin about the risky move.

But when Justin senses Robbo is trying to block the hospital transfer, he snaps and things get very heated between the two men! WHO will throw the first punch?

Home and Away, Justin Morgan, Mason Morgan

Justin and his brother Mason prepare for the hospital transfer of their sister Tori on Home and Away

Meanwhile, Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) is in a bad mood after his bust-up with Jade Lennox (Mia Morrissey).

However, after some words of advice from Martha Stewart (Belinda Giblin), Ryder decides to try again with headstrong Jade, who finally admits why she stole the money from Salt.

Jade manages to sweet-talk lovestruck Ryder into giving her another chance and Ryder convinces his granddad, Alf (Ray Meagher) to give Jade a discount on her rent at the Caravan Park.

But little does Ryder realise, the minute his back is turned, Jade is stealing from Salt again!

Home and Away, Ryder Jackson, Jade Lennox

Ryder kisses and makes-up with Jade on Home and Away

Come on, Ryder. It's time to realise Jade is playing you for a fool!

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5