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Home and Away spoilers: WHO does Bella Nixon clash with?

Home and Away spoilers, Bella Nixon
(Image credit: Channel 5)

Bella Nixon is NOT happy when she discovers Willow has returned to Summer Bay on Home and Away. Things quickly get heated...

Bella Nixon (played by Courtney Miller) is in for a SHOCK when she finds out Willow Harris (Sarah Roberts) is back in town on Home and Away (1:15pm/5:30pm on Channel 5, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Bella turned her back on former friend Willow, after she testified against Bella's big brother, Colby Thorne in court.

Willow approaches Bella to try and make amends for the bad blood between them.

But their confrontation soon turns into a full-blown argument...

Home and Away spoilers, Willow Harris, Bella Nixon

Bella Nixon (played by Courtney Miller) does not give Willow a warm welcome back on Home and Away...

Meanwhile, Willow has slightly better luck re-connecting with Dean Thompson (Patrick O'Connor).

He starts to understand Willow's reasons for agreeing to become a witness against Colby, who was sent to prison for the murder of his stepdad, Ross Nixon.

But is there another reason Willow has returned to the Bay?

Unknown to Dean, Willow makes a secret phonecall.

She tells the MYSTERY person on the other end of the line, it's time to come home...

WHO is Willow talking to?

Home and Away spoilers, Alf Stewart, Roo Stewart, Martha Stewart

Home and Away spoilers, Martha Stewart, Kieran Baldivis

Alf and Roo are worried about Martha, who is having secret conversations with her son, Kieran on Home and Away...

Elsewhere in the Bay, Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) and his daughter Roo (Georgie Parker) are worried about Martha (Belinda Giblin).

The pair saw Martha apparently talking to herself outside in the Caravan Park.

Alf and Roo wonder if Martha is stressed-out over everything that happened with her estranged son, Kieran Baldivis (Rick Donald).

But little do they know but Kieran is very much still in the picture!

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