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Home and Away spoilers: Martin 'Ash' Ashford decides to leave the Bay

Martin 'Ash' Ashford

After his break-up with on/off girlfriend Tori, Ash makes a sudden decision to buy a one-way ticket to Cyprus to visit his niece Luc...

It's not only the end-of-the-road for on/off couple Ash and Tori but now it looks like Ash's time in Summer Bay is up too! The mechanic is being an absolute grouch around the garage. But after a chat with Leah about her upcoming visit to Cyprus to visit her son VJ and daughter Luc, Ash realises how he is missing seeing his little niece grow-up and makes a big decision to buy a one-way ticket to Cyprus for a visit.

Elsewhere in the Bay, Colby is outraged when it looks like Willow and boyfriend Dean have both betrayed him. But they are all unaware that Ebony is the cause of all the chaos, and is one step closer to her final revenge on Colby, for fatally shooting dead her brother Boyd.

As Ebony and her mum Hazel discuss their wicked plans at the hotel, they are interrupted by a knock at the door. It is Colby's apartment mate Robbo! Is ex-Federal Agent Robbo about to rumble Ebony?

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