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Home and Away spoilers: Colby Thorne is trapped by Ebony Easton!

Home and Away, Colby Thorne

Colby sets off in search of his missing sister Bella... and walks straight into a trap set by evil Ebony! This time it looks like there's no escape...

Colby was thrilled when he thought he'd finally tracked down his missing sister Bella and started talking to her online.

But after an investigation by his apartment mate Robbo, a former Federal Agent, Colby is crushed to discover the e-mail address used to set-up Bella's social media account has been traced back to evil Ebony! Furious that Ebony is still on the loose and playing games with him, Colby ignores Robbo's advice and decides to go ahead with his planned meeting with "Bella" anyhow, thinking he can outsmart Ebony.

However, the wicked schemer is one-step ahead of Colby. So when he arrives at the abandoned house to meet his "sister", he finds himself locked in a room, with Ebony's voice mocking him from elsewhere in the house! How will Colby get out of this predicament?

Convinced he hasn't misread the flirty vibes between them, Hunter continues his work-out sessions with university lecturer Christina. But when the pair share a passionate kiss, Christina suddenly pulls back and runs away! Has Hunter blown his chance of getting the internship with the basketball team?

And John, Marilyn and Raffy are all worried when news reaches the foster family that Ty's mum wants to see him. But how does Ty feel about re-connecting with his mum after all this time?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5