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Home and Away Spoilers: Hazel and Ebony Easton want revenge!

Trouble is heading to Summer Bay in the shape of nasty Hazel Easton and her daughter Ebony...

Colby's police career hangs in the balance after the shock shooting. Although Ava is safely back home again, both Boyd and Dean are badly injured in hospital and Colby finds himself suspended while there is an investigation into what happened.

Meanwhile, a mysterious woman Ebony is lurking around the hospital, particularly interested in the fate of Boyd. And when Tori and the hospital staff fail to save Boyd, Ebony puts a call into her mum, Hazel Easton, and the two women vow revenge on everyone who has brought about this tragic turn of events…

Elsewhere, Robbo is back in the Bay. But what are his plans now he knows his real identity is Ryan Shaw, a Federal Agent? And how will rival Ash react when he discovers Robbo has returned? Surely Summer Bay ain't big enough for the both of them!

Catch Home and Away, weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:30pm on Channel 5