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Home and Away spoilers: Robbo kisses scheming Ebony Easton!

Home and Away_Week27_Robbo and Ebony

The folk of Summer Bay are starting to get a bad feeling about Ebony. So is Robbo flirting with danger when he kisses Ebony?

Hmm, so this could get a bit confusing. Robbo is pretending to be interested in Ebony while she is playing along. But both are suspicious of the other!

The folk of Summer Bay are certainly confused when they see the pair out on a 'date' together and even more baffled when ex-super cop Robbo makes a move on Ebony and kisses her! But Robbo has a secret plan to discover just what Ebony's agenda is. Could he be the one to discover her connection to the criminal Easton family and the fact she is now out to avenge the fatal shooting of her dodgy brother Boyd?

Elsewhere, Brody and Ziggy's engagement hangs in the balance after his discovery of the real reason why she proposed. Uncertain Ziggy is in their relationship for the right reasons, Brody calls off the engagement, crushing Ziggy's wedding fantasy. Can Ziggy's dad Ben help change Brody's mind?

As the Singles Night gets underway, Mason strikes it lucky with a girl called Dempsey. Unfortunately, Mason's big sis Tori isn't having much luck in the love department and it looks like her renewed romance with Ash could already be on the rocks...

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5