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Home and Away spoilers: Have Ryder Jackson and Raffy Morrison passed their exams?

Home and Away, Ryder Jackson, Raffy Morrison

The Year 11 exam results have been posted online. But while Raffy has reason to celebrate, it's bad news for her buddy Ryder...

As Raffy Morrison continues to hide out at home because of the online bullying over her recent diagnosis with epilepsy, her friend Ryder Jackson decides it's time to get her back out in the world.

At first Raffy is all doom and gloom at the thought of returning to Summer Bay High and all the bullies who have posted cruel comments about her online. But after a pep talk from Ryder, the teenagers head to The Diner for a milkshake and to check their Year 11 exam results online.

But while Raffy has reason to celebrate and will be going through to Year 12, Ryder discovers he has failed his exams but decides to keep the bad news from Raffy not wanting to burst her happy bubble. But what will Ryder do now?

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan, Ben Astoni

Ziggy convinces her dad Ben to give her buddy Dean a job at the surf shop (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere in the Bay, Dean Thompson is jobless (again!) after quitting his mechanic job because of his bust-up with garage boss Justin Morgan.

However, Dean's friend Ziggy Morgan has an idea and convinces her dad Ben Astoni to take on Dean at the surf shop he runs. Will it be a perfect partnership or will Ben regret giving into his daughter's demands, since trouble seems to follow surfie Dean wherever he goes...

Meanwhile, despite boyfriend Justin's ultimatum to stay away from him, Willow Harris can't stop worrying about her ex-boyfriend Dean. But when she asks after Dean via Ziggy, she's in for a rude awakening when Ziggy remarks that Dean is doing just fine without Willow - and will probably be better off. Ouch!

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