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Home and Away spoilers: Ty Anderson comes face-to-face with mum Jodi

Home and Away, Ty Anderson, Jodi Anderson

Teenager Ty is in for a shock when he discovers his mum Jodi is in Summer Bay. But is he ready to let her back into his life?

Unaware of the real reason behind the tension between their foster parents John and Marilyn, Raffy and Ty are out for a walk along the beach when they bump into Ty's mum, Jodi!

Thrown by her unexpected appearance, Ty runs off and Marilyn is forced to come clean and admit she is to blame for inviting Jodi to Summer Bay. But after a heart-to-heart with John and Marilyn, Ty agrees to hear his mum out, giving Jodi the chance to reveal the heartbreaking truth of why she left him to live with his grandparents all those years. Jodi is desperate for another chance with Ty. But can the teenager forgive and forget the past?

Elsewhere, the Astoni family are still pulling out all the stops to make Maggie feel comfortable at home. But she is secretly sad she is being made to feel like a hospital patient in her own home. Can Maggie communicate her feelings without upsetting her hubby Ben and daughters Ziggy and Coco?

Meanwhile, 'Grumps' keeps sabotaging Ryder's attempts to find somewhere where he and girlfriend Coco can be alone together for their next date. But nothing gets passed Alf, who can only imagine what the two teenagers have on their minds!

Also, Willow is still trying to re-connect with Dean after their bitter break-up. But Dean has other things on his mind, like keeping nasty loan shark Brett off his back. Dean faces a dilemma when Brett plots to rob Salt and needs Dean to steal the restaurant keys...

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5