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Iain gets the mother of all surprises!

Ma Word! Iain's got a mother of a decision to make
Ma Word! Iain's got a mother of a decision to make (Image credit: BBC)

The Casualty paramedic unexpectedly ends up treating his mother, and is forced to make a life-changing decision…

A shout-out to a drunken woman who’s fallen down a stairwell leaves paramedic Iain Dean reeling. The injured person is his mother Kim, who he hasn’t seen in eight years!

There’s no time for questions at the scene of the accident. But later, while Kim’s treated by doctor Lily Chao, Iain discovers how far his family have fallen since he turned his back on them. He discovers alcoholic Kim was trying to escape loan sharks she owes money to, when she had her accident. Meanwhile Iain’s little sister Gem (Rebecca Ryan (opens in new tab)) has just been released from prison that day!

Gem decides she’s had enough of caring for Kim, and leaves Iain to deal with their mother. But while treating Kim, Lily makes a grave discovery. Chronic drinker Kim (played by Emmerdale’s Sian Reeves (opens in new tab)) has cirrhosis of the liver, and if she doesn’t quit boozing she’ll die.

Will Iain digs deep and finds the courage to help his ill mother and damaged little sister. He tracks down Gem, sorts out the loan sharks, and does his best to help Kim get treatment. But is asking Gem to move in with him the best idea?

Also this week, Grace is conscious but has lost the ability to speak. Sam is appointed as new medical director, to his ex-partner Connie’s distain. But can she bully him into using his influential position to get preferential treatment for their daughter Grace?

Meanwhile, Charlie and Duffy have returned after their honeymoon. They’re like loved up teenagers, but the busy ED brings them back to reality with a bump!

Elsewhere, Bipolar sufferer, David, is firing on all cylinders and has more energy than ever since reducing his medication. Worried about Robyn, he asks Charlie and Duffy to help boost the expectant mother’s confidence. Robyn sees through David’s plan but appreciates the support.


Charlie and Duffy returns to reality with help from Robyn's bump

Charlie and Duffy return to reality with help from Robyn's bump (Image credit: BBC)



Elaine Reilly
Elaine Reilly

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