Lauren Branning is busted by Ian when he finds her with Josh!

EastEnders - Lauren Branning Josh Hemmings Ian Beale
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Lauren has been trying to keep her relationship with Josh a secret from Ian but he walk in on Lauren and Josh kissing on the sofa.

Lauren sneaks Josh in to stay the night, as she doesn’t want Ian to find out about them. When Josh finds out he’s been offered a job in Glasgow, she feels uncomfortable at the thought of moving away from Walford. But Josh makes it clear how much he wants to be with her and Lauren feels reassured. Lauren breaks the news to Abi that she’s leaving but her sister is barely bothered. Unable to break the news to Ian just yet, Lauren decides to get Christmas out of the way first. But her secret is soon out when Ian walks in and finds them kissing on the sofa.! Ian is furious that Lauren has moved on from Steven already and shares some harsh words.

Mick misses out on a meeting with Aidan when he’s roped into helping Linda arrange the vow renewal ceremony. Apologising to Aidan for standing him up, Mick assures Aidan that he’s still committed to the job. Mick’s surprised when Aidan hands him a Christmas present. Mick takes the gift back to the Vic flat and is alarmed to discover what’s inside…

Robbie is all keyed up waiting for the ‘mystery shopper’ visit to the market. His efforts to impress, however, are thrown back in his face after Mr Lister reveals the mystery shopper has already visited. Donna tries to keep up Robbie’s spirits by suggesting he do something for the stallholders and throw a Christmas party.

Also, Riley and Chatham are on a mission to sell Stacey’s phone.

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