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Imogen suspects Josh is in too deep

When Kyle hears Josh’s sales pitch, espousing the benefits of the ‘supplements’ to a body builder and he’s interested in buying some. Josh has the chance to make a big sale with Kyle, but ultimately his conscience wins out and he pushes Kyle towards the legal supplements.

Imogen’s suspicious when Josh dissuades Amber from joining his sales team. Later, Amber catches her looking through Josh’s bag and makes her promise she’ll lay off. And although she obeys, her reservations about Josh’s job remain.

Paul’s thrilled when Amy agrees to let him babysit Jimmy while she goes to work. But when she comes home and sees Jimmy loaded up with presents, Amy is furious and vows never to let Paul alone with her son again.

Karl implores Sheila to put the kibosh on any more bingo nights featuring naked man flesh and she reluctantly agrees. However, when she stumbles across a flyer advertising Ladies’ Night at Off Air, she finally realises what Karl’s playing at, and vows to beat him at his own game.