Is Alfie's secret about to be exposed?

Rachel's feeling guilty about going behind the Nightingales' backs to help Alfie and is worried about him getting his biopsy results today. Rachel goes to the hospital with Alfie, who's floored to find out his Hodgkins Lymphoma has returned. He makes Rachel promise not to tell anyone until her and Nathan have gone travelling. However, Cindy overhears Alfie talking to Jade…

Meanwhile, Freddie offers to help Tegan raise money for a brain injury charity and asks Ellie to donate some beauty treatments. Ellie offers Cindy a beauty treatment but is furious when Marnie sabotages her. Despite this, Ellie raises £200 in memory of Ziggy. Freddie's shocked to hear Ellie slept with Ziggy and is furious that she's playing hard to get with him when she's obviously 'easy'. At The Dog, an upset Cindy tells the Nightingales about Alfie's cancer.

After what happened with Jason, Holly freezes when she sees him in the village. Freddie saw Holly and Jason’s kiss and, when Freddie finds out Robbie’s got an interview for the same uni as Holly, he tells him what he saw. Robbie confronts Holly, who says Jason forced himself on her. Robbie goes for Jason but Joe, Freddie and Robbie are shocked by Jason's aggression. Joe finds out about the steroids and locks Jason in his room, but he escapes and collapses in front of Holly in the village. In hospital, Holly's worried when Jason says he’s got nothing left to live for...

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