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Is Duffy Charlie's angel of mercy?

(Image credit: BBC)

Charlie thinks he’s dreaming when he spots old nursing pal Lisa ‘Duffy’ Duffin running to his rescue when he collapses in the ED this week. This two-part special not only reunites the two popular original characters, it also marks the start of the 30th series…

Following straight on from last week's explosive wedding double-bill, popular nurse Charlie Fairhead wades into freezing water in order to save drowning bride Zoe. Later back at the ED, hero Charlie collapses from a suspected heart attack, only for Duffy to come running to his rescue!

Elsewhere, newlywed Max is in turmoil following the revelations Zoe slept with a stranger on her hen night. Lily is tasked with treating distraught Zoe. And Dylan is in deep shock and suffering burns after his boat catching fire at the wedding inferno.

Meanwhile, Jacob desperately tries to implement his new gun policy when a teenager is brought into the ED with a deadly gunshot wound. His colleagues, however don't take him seriously. But soon circumstances force them to realise there’s a very real threat to staff and patients as gang crime spills into the ED.

And staff are left distressed when Charlie's fragile condition takes a turn for the worse...