Is Nate in danger?

Paige and Tyler are ecstatic when Glen hands over the broken keyring and admits that Jayden took the money but he's spent the lot! Tyler knows they'll never come up with the money for Dimato in time for tonight's deadline and, as they're debating their next move, Sheila reveals that Nate's at the garage, waiting for Tyler. Paige and Tyler are horrified, knowing that Nate is in very big danger.

Sheila tells Susan there's no way she'll ever make it as a bartender, because she's not in touch with the common man. Later, Sheila learns that Off Air is running a bingo night – and interrupts the night, getting into Cranky Granny character as she heckles Susan. Susan, however, turns the tables as she treats Cranky Granny like an errant student. Sheila's left with no choice but to scurry away.

Imogen's appalled to discover that Josh has just spent thousands on a credit card to buy the supplements he now hopes to sell. Josh manages to pull off a sale to Karl but Imogen's annoyed when she sees Josh doing the 'hard sell' with Jayden.

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