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Is Paige finally over Jack Callahan?

Jack Callahan in Neighbours

Jack Callahan rushes to Paige's aid - only to discover she's found another knight in shining armour...

Jack Callahan flies to Paige's rescue – only to find she has rescued herself. His feelings for her are further inflamed when he witnesses her getting along well with the new doctor, and he burns with jealousy.

Xanthe is feeling flat as Ben and Madison prepare for their trip to the Gold Coast, resigned to her fate. But when Madison suggests Gary is a pretty soft touch and tells Xanthe to give her search for permission another go, will Gary agree?

Sheila pushes Gary to be more aggressive with Terese, but Gary wants to play things his way. When he and Terese connect over a parenting moment, she invites him out for coffee and Gary is rapt. Is Gary's low key charm getting her hot under the collar?