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Is Zara in danger?

(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Will Zara pay the price for wanting to get justice for Reece?

Zara is having one of those mornings; she's running late and needs to get Joe to the dentist. To make matters worse, Joe is asking 21 questions about Reece's death, leaving Zara in a fluster. Zara and Joe finally manage to leave the house, but Zara is shaken to see a dead bird on her car windscreen. Is this a warning for Zara? And when she tells Rob and Daniel, will they take her seriously?

Finally, when Zara leaves work after a long day of seeing patients at the surgery, we see a hooded figure watching her every move…

Meanwhile, it's Shak's birthday and he's celebrating at The Icon with his closest family and friends. At dinner, Ruhma presents him with his birthday present – a cheque for £2,000! Shak is over the moon with his present and can't wait to spend it! How will Ruhma feel about her son hitting the shops so quickly?