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Isaac cheats on Dom?

Marc Elliott as Isaac Mayfield
(Image credit: BBC)

The registrar turns his attentions elsewhere after another bust-up in Holby...

After hitting a rocky patch over Christmas, it looks like medics Dominic and Isaac's relationship is back on track this week. Dom's thrilled about the prospect of going to Hawaii with Isaac on a work trip. But Isaac refuses to reveal whether Dom's the junior doctor he'll be taking with him.

When Casualty paramedic Jez brings a patient up to Keller, Isaac soon spots the chemistry between them. Jealous, Isaac warns Dom he’s one of several candidates being considered for Hawaii, so he’ll need to prove himself. But when Bernie tells Dom no one else was ever under consideration for the trip, Dom realises Isaac’s been playing a very wicked game.

Dom confronts Isaac over his lies and says he won't be coming to Hawaii after all. Dejected, Isaac goes to Albie's for a drink where he sees Jez. As the pair start flirting, Isaac makes it clear he fancies Jez, and it seems the feeling's mutual. As they leave together, it's obvious where their night is headed…

Mo returns from maternity leave and tells Jac she wants to put her job on hold for a year, so that she and Mr T can go to Sweden with their newborn son. She soon realises where her passion lies, however, and has to tell Mr T she's changed her mind...

Also, having been left Arty’s windfall, Fletch decides he must first pay back everyone who’s ever loaned him money. After offering advice to a patient who uses payday loans to help pay for the 'perfect' body, will Fletch realise it’s OK to spend some of Arty’s money on himself?