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Izzy is sent to jail in Corrie!

Izzy Armstrong in Coronation Street

Gary and Anna are shocked as Izzy receives a two-month prison sentence

Izzy suggests she and Gary get back together and unable to dash her hopes, Gary agrees it’s a possibility. Later, Gary and Anna listen in horror as Izzy receives a two-month prison sentence. Gary admits to Anna that he and Izzy kissed and he’s worried that she’s read too much into it.

Beth and Robert find Tracy unconscious in the ginnel and when Ken arrives at the hospital, the doctor confirms she has a kidney infection. When Tracy regains consciousness, Beth explains that Robert saved her life but he’s adamant it’s over when Tracy suggests they start again. When Ken admits Amy refused to visit, Tracy vows to put things right with her daughter.

When Liam steers his remote control car into Caz’s leg, she screams in agony. But he reckons she’s putting it on and when he discovers her discarded painkiller in the sink, his suspicions are heightened. When Luke tells Sophie, she vows to tell Kate the truth.

Phelan’s furious when Eileen suggests she’ll cut back on her hours at Street Cars so she can be more hands on with the builder’s yard.

Eileen bears the brunt of Jason's grief as they bury Tony