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Jac suffers a shock collapse!

Jac Naylor needs surgery in Holby City

Jac Naylor puts her patient before her own health, with disastrous consequences in Holby City...

Jac's day gets off to an eventful start when a test reveals she's pregnant! But there are more shocks in store when, at an ultrasound scan, obstetrician Mr Thomson notices a cyst on her ovary has grown and needs removing urgently.

Jac refuses to have surgery, however, and returns to her heart patient, who is none other than Alistair Maconie, the brother of Jac's ex Jonny!

Mr T's worried, though, and warns Jac she could have cancer. Jac continues to ignore her own health concerns to focus on Alistair’s surgery. But she’s given a reality check when, just as she’s about to operate, she collapses in theatre!

Ric rushes Jac into emergency surgery, where he and Mr T successfully remove the cyst and save her ovary. But she now faces a waiting game to find out if the cyst was malignant. Does Jac have cancer?

Meanwhile, Raf is surprised when Kim's son Parker is admitted. Raf soon realises Kim's medical condition has hit the boy hard and that he needs some time out from her. Might Essie be able to help?

Also, Fletch is concerned about a cheeky yet vulnerable patient with a gambling habit. Fletch soon realises that all is not what it seems…