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James Martin and chef Nick Nairn on the Orkney Islands
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James Martin goes on a culinary road trip around the UK, beginning in the Orkneys, in a new daytime series for ITV

James Martin goes on a culinary road trip around the UK, beginning in the Orkneys, in a new daytime series for ITV

After cooking his way around France and America, chef James Martin is off on another culinary tour.

This time he’s behind the wheel of a little red Mini, to sample the incredible food we have right here at home in the UK.

Tonight, James is in seafood heaven in the stunning Orkney Islands, where he serves up barbecued hand-dived scallops with a black pudding, apple and hazelnut butter at the picturesque Stromness Harbour.

If that isn’t enough to get your mouth watering, he also catches world- famous Orkney brown crab. He turns into a delicious pasta dish shared with his friend, top Scottish chef Nick Nairn.

Continues weekdays.

TV Times rating: ****

James Martin's Great British Adventure

James with 'local hero' Billy Muir

Here, in an exclusive interview, James reveals what’s on the menu…

What inspired you to film a new series here in Britain?

We looked at Italy but Gino [D’Acampo] is there a lot! So I thought, well, I grew up as a farmer’s kid and I’ve been a qualified pilot for the past 15 years… when you see Britain from the air, it’s spectacular!

We spend a week each in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales, and the whole series is not just celebrating the great food we have in this country, and the great people that produce it, but also just how beautiful the area is.

It shows the UK at its best.

You start off in the Orkneys, which is famous for its seafood…

If you’ve never been to the Orkneys, they’ll just blow you away, they’re unbelievable.

The food scene, the countryside, the views, the sea. I mean, the sea’s turquoise – you don’t see a colour like that unless you go to the Indian Ocean!

The Orkney crab is the best I’ve ever tasted, as is the lamb from [Orkney island] North Ronaldsay.

What other foodie highlights should we look out for?

We visit Strangford Lough, near Belfast, which has the best langoustines you’ll ever taste in your life.

Then, in the Isle of Wight, there’s one farm with a 140-year-old Guernsey cow herd that produces the most amazing butter.

And the best vinegar I’ve ever tried is made by a young lad in the Orkneys in his dad’s garage! It’s all unbelievable!


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