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Jason makes a friend at the clinic

Jason is happy when he meets Leon at the eating disorder clinic. Are things looking up for Jason now he's made a friend at last?

Meanwhile, Lindsey has called Kim for help, so when Joe spots Kim buying baby things he confronts her. Kim confides in Esther and is grateful when Esther gives her money from the safe to help Lindsey. Kim goes to meet her sister, but Joe has followed her. When Joe takes Joe Junior, Lindsey has to choose between Freddie or her baby!

Theresa starts work at Price Slice and is introduced to Simone’s son, Zack. But when Simone catches Theresa making fun of her, Theresa is immediately fired!

Also, Dylan and Nico rush Peri to hospital when she faints. They're stunned when Celine tells Peri she's pregnant!