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Joe Roscoe is torn between Joanne and Mercedes

Joe Roscoe and Mercedes McQueen in Hollyoaks

The mood is tense when Mercedes turns up at the Roscoes and Joanne is there!

Freddie’s concerned when Joe gives Joanne a key to the house. It’s awkward when Mercedes returns and Joe has to ask a furious Joanne to give them some space. Meanwhile, Myra takes Diego back when he defends her honour to Marnie and she has a con up her sleeve to make lots of money.

Mac regrets his night with Marnie and wants to speak to Neeta but when they cross paths in the village but Neeta won’t take him back. Ellie has organised a special family lunch but it turns sour when drunk James arrives. Marnie denies James’s accusation that she sabotaged the wedding and Neeta walks in to hear him reveal Marnie and Mac’s night together.

Also, Jade hears the news that she was dreading – her cancer is back!