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John Palmer is knocked out cold!

John Palmer in Home and Away
(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

Marilyn's romantic boat trip backfires spectacularly...

John is missing Chris terribly, so Marilyn decides to put a smile on his face. However, her romantic attempt to lift John's sprits has tragic consequences when John slips over and bumps his head…

News travels fast in Summer Bay and when Matt hears that the school lockers have been set on fire, he suspects Ellie is guilty and is right. But will he tell Zac the truth and risk losing custody of his sister?

Brody confirms Phoebe's suspicions - Hope is a scam artist. When Brody tells Justin the news about Hope, will he apologise to Phoebe?

Also, Evelyn is desperate to catch up on her university work, but she's finding all the noise at the Summer Bay house a distraction. Will Phoebe have the answer to her problem?