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Josh sells Kyle illegal supplements

With a huge debt weighing over her, Amy offers to do Kyle's Dial-A-Kyle jobs for a percentage of the quote, meaning he’ll get through his work quicker and go to Germany to see Georgia sooner. Meanwhile, Kyle tracks down Josh, revealing the supplements he sold him aren’t working – he needs something stronger. Josh sells him illegal supplements but later Kyle struggles to focus and eventually collapses.

Amber and Josh discuss which American hospital to approach first and Josh warns Daniel to get on board or risk losing her forever. Brad sides with the kids but when Lauren reads Daniel’s research, she makes the final call - they won’t be supporting them in their quest to get to America. Devastated, Amber and Josh decide they’ll get the money on their own so they can give their baby the best chance at living a normal life.

Daniel sides with the parents and insists going to the US for surgery is a bad idea – devastating Amber. In a desperate attempt to save their relationship, they make a pact not to talk about the baby for a while so they can focus on reconnecting.

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