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Can Justin and Kat survive a deadly shoot-out?

(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

How much will Kat sacrifice to help the Morgans?

Justin and Kat hide inside as bullets continue to hit the Morgans' house. When the bullets stop, Justin notices Kat has been shot in the arm. Kat protests that she’s fine and the pair eventually manage to escape safely, but will Kat’s injury turn out to be fatal?

The Morgans are devastated to realise they’ve left the USB in the house. Knowing the USB contains vital evidence that will help free the Morgans from the syndicate, Justin sneaks back to the house to find it. However, things turn nasty when Ranae is waiting for him. Will Justin come out alive?

Also, Leah stands Zac up for their one-year anniversary date. Fed up, Zac turns to Bianca and the pair bond over the hardships of marriage; will their conversation take a physical turn?