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Karen and Rob meet their nightmare neighbours

(Image credit: BBC/Gary Moyes)

Karen is expecting Rob home for a barbeque when her next door neighbours, Lily and Matt, invite themselves over. When Rob arrives home still in his uniform, Karen rushes him upstairs for a steamy session when Lily walks in and Matt's face appears at the window. Later, Matt tells Karen that it's a pity they are not able to enjoy another evening together as they are moving back to Hull but Karen and Rob are clearly relived.

Zara tells Howard that she wants to take a sabbatical for up to a year to take care of Joe. When she tells Daniel her plans he isn't keen and they are bickering again. They both realise that they must come to some sort of understanding and, despite making some steps forward, things are not resolved.

Sid joins Ayesha, Emma and Niamh on their games night. Later, Sid makes a pass at Ayesha and they end up in bed. Meanwhile, Emma feels old and wonders if Howard's suggestion of doing the 40-day date thing would perhaps be a good idea.