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Kat wants revenge

After discovering that Nate and Ricky slept together, Kat tries her best to put on a brave face for Denny's girls' night out. As Ricky tries to apologise, a drunk Kat isn't interested and throws a drink in her face. The next morning, Ricky tries to apologise again, but Kat doesn't care and furiously speeds off in a car…

Ash and Kyle seem to make a great partnership when they babysit Casey and it seems like things are looking more positive. Excited about the future, Kyle heads out to buy a baby cot, but Phoebe takes a turn for the worse - could she be losing her baby?

Roo is shocked by James's offer to move in together and asks Maddy what she thinks. Maddy tells her to take a chance, but Roo still isn't certain that moving in with James so soon is the right thing to do. As Roo reflects on the offer by herself, she tells James she will move in with him!